Arab Revolutions Bibliography

I have gathered a number of references about the Arab Revolts and Revolutions, in one document accessible here, as a part of the documentation for a Masters course taught at the University of Lausanne, titled “Compared Sociology of Revolutions : the Case of North Africa and the Middle East”, by Professors Mounia Bennani-Chraïbi and Olivier Fillieule. Hope it’s of use.



Crédits photos, Michel Assaad
Crédits photos, Michel Assaad

I’ve created this page to make my research work accessible to all those who might be interested by it. It contains references (and links if available) to my academic publications, as well as notes from fieldwork. I am currently a graduate assistant in political sociology at the Institute of Political and International Studies (Lausanne University) and Phd Candidate in Political sociology in both Lausanne University and Paris-1 Panthéon Sorbonne University. My research interests are the arts of protest and resistance to political, social and cultural domination in Egypt. My main focus of study is the city of Alexandria. I have also worked on different topics such as Pro-Palestinian activism in Egypt and use of social media in politics.

Youssef El-Chazli