“Somewhere during my ten days in Paris (and Brittany) I received an illumination of some kind that seems to’ve changed me again, towards what I suppose’ll be my pattern for another seven years or more: in effect, a satori: the Japanese word for ‘sudden illumination,’ ‘sudden awakening’ or simply ‘kick in the eye.'” Jack Kerouac, Satori in Paris.

I grew up in Alexandria (Egypt) where I lived until the age of 17, before moving to Cairo to study Law. After that, I studied in the Paris Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po). There, I studied in the Middle Eastern Studies Undergraduate Program (Menton). I finally earned my Masters degree, with Honors, in International Relations in 2010, from Sciences Po Paris.

I’ve created this blog to make my research work accessible to all those who might be interested by it. It contains references (and links if available) to my academic publications, as well as notes from fieldwork. I am currently a graduate assistant in political sociology at the Institute of Political, Historical, and International Studies (Lausanne University) and a Phd Candidate in Political sociology in both the University of Lausanne and Paris-1 Panthéon Sorbonne University. I am currently the co-director of the Centre for Research on Political Action at the University of Lausanne (CRAPUL). My curriculum vitae (in French) is available here.

I am an associate researcher with the CEDEJ (Cairo) and the LADHUL (Lausanne).

Youssef El-Chazli



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